Wat is een ‘Houseparent’?

Gezinshuizen worden nogal eens als typisch Nederlands gezien. Uit onderzoek van het NJi blijkt dat er weinig vergelijkbare concepten in het buitenland zijn. Toch zijn er wel interessante en vergelijkbare constructies in het buitenland. Eén daarvan is The Houseparent.

In most cases, a set of Houseparents are made up by a married couple that live in the house with the children 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  However, some facilities will have single houseparents, that either work alone or as part of a team.  Many facilities will use a single houseparent as an assistant or relief staff.

Most Houseparents are responsible for the daily care of the children living in their home to include: meals, laundry, housework, school work and transportation, recreation, church and devotions, daily paperwork, transportation to counseling, doctors, home visits, etc.  In some facilities you also have to basic repairs to the home, basic maintenance on the van and other vehicles, care for any animals the home may have, as well as other duties.

Schedules, salaries, and benefits vary as much as do the different facilities and programs.  I have seen cash salaries vary from about $800 a month per couple all the way up to $5,000 a month per couple.  Almost all salaries include room and board while you are on duty.  Many include housing during your relief days and some even include meals or food during your relief.  Some facilities will give you an allowance in place of relief quarters that range from about $100-$500 per relief period.

Lees verder op de site van The Houseparent Network

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